LC — Stray Rounds

A lieutenant is an assistant OIC at a range when he notices some out-of-the-ordinary actions. A soldier who is struggling to qualify appears to be getting extra rounds.

Topics covered:

  • Upholding individual standards

  • Ethical fading

  • Unit ethical culture

  • Peer leadership

  • Training ethically

What’s the Situation?

  • You are a battalion assistant S3 as a second lieutenant. You are assisting one of your fellow lieutenants in running an M16 range for the entire battalion. The battalion commander’s guidance is that 100% of the battalion will shoot and qualify. The battalion is a National Guard unit with limited opportunities to shoot.
  • You notice that one Soldier is having difficulty qualifying on the range. Despite significant additional assistance, the Soldier is not hitting sufficient targets to earn even a basic qualification score.
  • You notice that the Soldier appears to be shooting more than the standard 40 rounds for a qualification table. When you inquire, you find out that the ammunition detail is issuing three 30 round magazines instead of the 40 rounds prescribed by regulation.
  • You are not the range OIC. The OIC has conferred with his platoon sergeant and decided to allow this Soldier to have the extra rounds to qualify.
  • The commander’s guidance for 100% qualification is prolonging the battalion’s time in the hot desert sun. Other members of the battalion are starting to get irritated.

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