LC — Whose Team

A platoon leader in a signal company asks his platoon sergeant to address deficiencies in readiness and maintenance. The platoon sergeant says he will, but declines to give specifics on how he’s addressing it and accuses the PL of micromanaging. A Soldier in the platoon informs the PL that the platoon sergeant is differentiating between Soldiers on “his team” and “[the PL’s] team.”

Topics covered:

  • Roles and responsibilities

  • Respect

  • Standing firm

  • Accountability for Actions

What’s the Situation?

  • You are a platoon leader in a signal company. You get a new Sergeant First Class platoon sergeant and ask him to address deficiencies in readiness and maintenance tracking.
  • When you ask him for the status of readiness and maintenance issues, he declines to give specifics and assures you that it’s being taken care of. When pressed, he complains about what he perceives as micromanaging.
  • Over time, the relationship deteriorates, as you continue to press him for this information and he pushes back against what he sees as encroachment on NCO business.
  • A soldier in your platoon informs you that the platoon sergeant is differentiating between soldiers on “his team” and “your team.” Soldiers on “your team” are getting more challenging jobs and less support.

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