Submission Guidance

Submission guidance

Our articles are written by leaders from all walks of life on topics applicable to the development and success of junior officers in the Army. We consider all pieces broadly related to leadership and leader development.

Articles usually take the form of the following, but are NOT limited to these types:

Some find writing a daunting task.  We aim to make it easy! Feel free to submit an outline or a general idea for an article you’re contemplating.  We can provide feedback, possibly find co-authors, and assist you in getting started.  Don’t overthink it!  If you have an idea, reach out.  If the content of the article is something you would have appreciated as a junior leader, you can bet others will see its value.  Let us help you share your insights.

If you have ideas for Listen2Lead, Read2Lead, Wach2Lead, a Leader Challenge, or a Case Study, we ask that you first reach out with an outline/pitch (less than 250 words) with your general idea.

If you have an idea that isn’t listed above, contact us!  We’re always trying to innovate. Just because you don’t see it on our site doesn’t mean we won’t work with you to help develop your idea or project.

General guidelines for submitting articles

Your submission should be original and must have never been published before on the Internet. If you want an already published article to be republished to our blog, you’ll need to email us with a link to the original post and provide us with confirmation that the original author(s) of the blog post has signed off on material from their site being reposted to our site.

  • Length – submissions that are between 500 and 2500 words tend to work best.
  • Include a recommended title – make it something catchy that draws the reader in!
  • Please include a photo related to the theme of your article. It should be attributed (provide image source URL), at least 200×200 pixels, JPG or PNG format. If you submit a stock photo, please ensure it’s royalty-free.
  • Write in a conversational voice/tone. You CAN write in the first person if you wish.
  • Use APA format for your references.
  • Use endnotes – not footnotes or parenthetical citation (we know APA uses parenthetical – but Endnotes work better for the website).
  • When possible, use a hyperlink to any items you’re citing in your endnotes.
  • Include a biography at the end of your submission. The recommended length for the bio is 3-6 sentences (50-75 words). Please see existing articles for examples.  You may include 1-2 hyperlinks if you wish to things like your LinkedIn or Twitter profiles, organization website, etc.
  • Submit articles to  The subject line of the email should start with “ARTICLE SUBMISSION” in all CAPS.  Note- please include this even if you’re just pitching an idea or asking for feedback on an idea.
  • When submitting an article, please submit it as a single Word document with the photo and your bio included.

After submission, your article will be returned to you with feedback from our editorial team. If your article is selected for publication, then it is your responsibility to review those comments and ensure you send back a ‘clean’ version of the article which is ready to publish with no tracked changes remaining. If any track changes do remain in the returned document, then we will assume that those changes are meant to be accepted and will accept all; the piece will then be published as-is.

We encourage you to use Grammarly on your work before submitting; Grammarly is much better at catching readability errors than Microsoft word.

If we publish your article, the CJO has full rights to the content, including but not limited to edit, mix, duplicate, use, or re-use it in whole or in part as it so chooses.