EP002: What Company Commanders Expect From Their Lieutenants

Today we interview two recent Company Commanders, Captain Jerry Gorss and Captain Randy Shed about what they expected from their Lieutenants.
In this episode, we discuss the importance of integrity, taking initiative and being proactive. Jerry brings a unique perspective from the aviation community on the importance of being a competent pilot in the air as well as a good leader on ground for your unit. Randy with over 30 months as a rifle company and headquarters company commander expresses the importance of gaining trust in subordinates and being a team player. If you are a cadet or a lieutenant waiting to get to your first platoon, this is the episode you cannot afford to miss.
Inspirational quote about leading platoons from General Dwight D. Eisenhower:
“Platoon leaders do not get their platoon to go by getting up and shouting, ‘I am smarter. I am bigger. I am stronger. I am the leader.’ They get their platoons to go along with them because they want to do it for them and they believe in them.”

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Hosts: CPT Dave Lora and CPT David Weart
Guests: CPT Jerry Gorss and CPT Randy Shed
Editor: CPT Micah Klein