CJO Series

CJO Series

Leaders must provide purpose, direction, and motivation to help their teams accomplish the mission. To do this, officers must build self-awareness and constantly work on developing themselves. It also requires officers to constantly learn about key organizational leadership concepts such as culture and team cohesion. This series explores ways Junior Officers can apply leadership concepts to improve themselves and their teams. 

One cannot lead others unless they are physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy themselves. Elements of the Army’s performance triad serve as the foundation of this series, but it also explores other health related concepts such as goal setting, managing one’s mental energy, and managing stress.  

Understanding the unique perspective senior leaders have, this series provides junior officers an opportunity to learn valuable insights from distinguished military, government, and business leaders.

Junior Officers are responsible for managing and leading many different activities and events. This could be running a rifle range, counseling an NCO, or preparing for a deployment. This series provides resources and advice on how to lead these events based on experiences of other officers. 

An officer’s life is full of changes. From new Soldiers and leaders, to training rotations and deployments, to your own personal life changes, a junior officer must know how to deal with and manage transitions. The Managing Transitions series is designed to help you prepare for and manage change throughout your career. 

There are few leadership experiences like Company Command. Managing Unit Culture, Soldier Readiness, Morale, Property, Maintenance, and your own life can be a lot. The CJO Company Command Series is aimed at providing knowledge and advice to help you be a competent and successful leader at the Company Level. 

Supply? Maintenance? Logistics? For Company Executive Officers, your time in this role will be consumed with these issues. Executive Officers are critical to the success of the unit. Articles in this series are geared towards helping more senior LTs develop skills and affect change at the Company level.    

The job of Platoon Leader is often referred to as the best job in an officer’s career. The CJO Platoon Leader series is focused on giving new LTs the tools and insights needed to develop high-performing teams, take care of Soldiers, avoid some pitfalls, and ultimately thrive as a leader at the tactical level. 

There are so many opportunities within the Army. But managing one’s military career can be complex and, at times, confusing. Many officers learn about branches, functional areas, and career opportunities from other officers. This series aims to share advice and tips on helping junior officers think about and manage their career.  

Concise, engaging, and intentional questions often bring about the most valuable responses. CJO established a set of interview questions for junior officers to ask seniors leaders. If you are interested in interviewing a leader in your organization, please reach out to CJO.