EP003: Seven Fundamentals of an Effective Training Management Program

Unit training and leader development are the Army’s life-blood. Today in the Leaders Huddle we explore the important topic of training management and executing it effectively at the company level. In this short episode, we interview Captain Guillermo Guandique and Captain Kyle Stillwell to provide simple, actionable steps, which will empower you to execute an effective training management program.
References mentioned in the episode:
1) Army Training Network (CAC Enabled) : Army Training Network
2) Combined Arms Training Strategy (CATS) accessed through the ATN website
3) Army Doctrine Publication 7-0: Training Units and Developing Leaders
4) Army Doctrine Publication 6-0: Mission Command
5) Eight Step Training Model

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Hosts: CPT David Weart
Guests: CPT Guillermo Guandique and CPT Kyle Stillwell
Editor: CPT Micah Klein