EP004: A Success Story in Standing up a Company From Scratch

As the Army continues to restructure and transform, units at the operational and tactical levels go through drastic change efforts. Today in the Leaders Huddle we interview Captain Westly Lafitte about his experiencing leading two company (battery for our Artillery listeners) activation efforts. If you are activating or helping start a new unit, this is the episode for you.
References mentioned in the episode:
1) Edgar Schein’s Organizational Culture Model :
2) Small Unit Leader’s Guide to The Command Supply Discipline Program
3) Where to start in writing a change of command speech from The Military Leader:

Quote for the Episode from John Maxwell:
John Maxwell’s Developing the Leaders Around You: “If you really want to be a successful leader, you must develop other leaders around you. You must establish a team. You must find a way to get your vision seen, implemented, and contributed to by others. The leaders sees the big picture, but he needs other leaders to help make his mental picture a reality.”
Hosts: CPT Dave Lora and CPT David Weart
Guests: CPT Westly Lafitte
Editor: CPT Micah Klein

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