EP005: Five Quick Tips for Completing Your OER Support Form

This week we tackle this important topic and interview two officers who provide a starting point to learning more about the OER support form. In this episode, we break down the importance of writing a solid OER support form, and why it is important as a leader development tool. Grab your green notebook and be ready for actionable content and advice!
References mentioned: S1 Net (CAC required)

Our recommended tips for completing the OERSF:
#1) Keep a running log of your significant contributions and accomplishments throughout the rating period
#2) Ask for your rater and senior rater’s support forms and ensure your support form nests with theirs.
#3) Be descriptive, both qualitatively and quantitatively, so the support form writes itself.
#4) Use Microsoft Word or another word processor to write your initial draft of the support form, then upload it into EES.
#5) Ensure your content in the contributions and accomplishments block is related to your performance objective block.

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Hosts: CPT David Weart
Guests: CPT Katernia Lafitte and CPT Jerry Gorss
Editor: CPT Micah Klein