EP017: What Platoon Sergeants Expect of Platoon Leaders

In a unique opportunity to tap into the experience of our Senior Non-commissioned Officers, this episode of the Leaders Huddle Podcast includes Sergeant First Class Harlan Kefalas. SFC Kefalas has been a listener of the podcast and has devoted much of his time and efforts to the practice of leader development, both in self practice and writing. Earlier last year he suggested the topic of this episode so we contacted him at his current job at the White House Transportation Agency. Our discussion is focused on the relationship between a Platoon Leader and their Platoon Sergeant and what it means to have a unified voice, the distinction between “NCO Business” and “Officer Business”, and the stewardship of the unit. If you’re a new PL and want to understand the importance of building a team, creating a shared vision, and the importance of trust between you and your PSG, this is the episode you don’t want to miss.

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Host: CPT David Weart, CPT Mike Eisenlohr
Guest: SFC Harlan Kefalas
Editors: CPT Micah Klein, CPT Guillermo Guandique