EP018: Improving Unit Readiness Through Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation Programs by Utilizing Unit Physical Therapy Teams

We bring to you an in-depth episode on how company and battalion-level leaders can skillfully incorporate the expertise of the Brigade’s Physical Therapy team to help limit injuries by identifying patterns in unit physical fitness plans. Our discussion is focused on how company and platoon-level leaders can conduct intensive physical fitness training, preventive injury measures, and rehabilitative support in a creative way that meets your unit’s goals while simultaneously taking care of Soldiers’ physical health. We discuss a host of leadership-focused topics in this episode as well to include role modeling behavior that your Soldiers can emulate from a health perspective, exercising emotional intelligence, and living a healthy lifestyle through a well-balanced nutrition plan. If you’re a new PL or a company command team and want to create a physically tough physical readiness program and want to tackle the issue of injury prevention, then this is an episode that you can’t afford to miss!

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Host: CPT David Weart
Guest: CPT Jeremy Fletcher
Editors: CPT Micah Klein, CPT David Weart