EP023: Breaking Down the Barriers to Cross Gender Mentoring Relationships

Today on the Leaders Huddle we talk to Nicole Alexander and Lyla Kohistany co-founders of PROMOTE, a leader development organization that aims to strengthen the United States Special Operations Command enterprise by increasing awareness of the importance of cross-gender mentoring and providing a mentorship and leadership development program for women that retains and optimizes their talent. Coming off of operational assignments with SOCOM units, both Nicole and Lyla identified a gap in which women in the military were not afford the same mentorship opportunities as their male counter parts. Together they took action and formed what is now PROMOTE leadership, an organization that promotes leader development across genders. We’ll talk to them about how they started their organization, their views on sponsorship and mentorship, and the importance of leader development when it comes to retain talent across genders.

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Host: CPT David Weart
Editor: CPT Micah Klein