EP034: Leaders Huddle Podcast: One Year Later

Today on the Leaders Huddle David and Micah sit down to discuss the development of the podcast from idea to product. David and Micah recount their favorite episodes, some of the challenges of getting the podcast off the ground, the thought process behind the development of the podcast, and where the podcast is going in the months to come. This podcast is excellent for anyone who has thought about starting a podcast of their own, and is a first-ever look inside the making of the Leaders Huddle Podcast.
References Mentioned:  

  • Lost in Translation: The Civil-Military Divide and Veteran Unemployment by Phil Carter, Amy Shafer, Katherine Kidder, and Moira Fagan
  • Life Behind the Lobby by Pawan Dhingra

Other Recommended Sources:

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Host: CPT Micah Klein and CPT David Weart
Editor: CPT Micah Klein