EP038: Readiness Series #1 – Command Maintenance

Every Monday morning, line units across the Army form up to conduct maintenance. It is literally what keeps the Army rolling along. Without a properly executed maintenance program, our vehicles, digital systems, and equipment can cease to be effective. Today on the Leaders Huddle we dive into a series on Readiness, starting with best practices for executing a proper maintenance program in any battalion. Whether you’re a new lieutenant, or a seasoned executive officer, the terminology and processes that govern the Army’s maintenance program can quickly become overwhelming. We will discuss various TTP’s that help leaders identify gaps in their knowledge, or their unit’s knowledge, and resources to get everyone on the same page. It all starts with leader presence and leader involvement. From making maintenance a part of your culture to making maintenance part of training, the effort you put into your program will serve you best when it’s time to roll out.

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