EP039: Everything You Need To Know About Project Warrior

This episode, we bring back MAJ Gary Klein to talk about his experience from his broadening experience in the Project Warrior program. Re-established in 2013, Project Warrior assigns highly competitive junior officer and post command Captains to serve as Observer, Coach, Trainers (OCTs) at one of Combat Training Center locations with a follow on assignment as a Small Group Leader (SGL) at a branch specific Captain’s Career Course. Gary explains the process for selection into Project Warrior as well the benefits and challenges of this unique broadening experience.   If you are searching for a post command position, this is a must listen episode. You can connect with Gary on twitter @garymklein

References Mentioned:
Article in the Armor Magazine: Project Warrior: Bridging the Gap Between the Operational and Institutional Army

Article on the Small War Journal: The Developmental Opportunities Inherent in Becoming an OCT

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Hosts: CPT Micah Klein, CDT David Lora
Guest: MAJ Gary Klein
Editors: CPT Micah Klein, CPT David Weart