EP041: The Power of a Professional Reading Program

This episode is all about the power of participating in professional reading program. In this episode, David, Micah, Zach, and Josh discuss what they are currently reading and some of their favorite all time books. More importantly we discuss the qualities of a sound professional reading program at the unit level.

References Mentioned:

  1. Escape from Camp Fourteen
  2. Starship Troopers
  3. Accidental Superpower
  4. Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
  5. Blink
  6. Artemis
  7. We are Legion, We are Bob
  8.  Trust Me, I am Lying
  9. Blackhearts
  10.  American Ulysses
  11. Man’s Search for Meaning
  12. Article on Wolves, Sheep, and Sheepdogs
  13. The Starfish and the Spider
  14. On Combat and On Killing
  15. Once an Eagle
  16. Gates of Fires
  17. The War of Art

Resources Mentioned:

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Hosts:  CPT David Weart
Guests: CPT Micah Klein, CPT Joshua Bowen, CPT Zach Mierva
Editor: CPT David Weart