EP045: Everything You Need to Know About FLEP – Part 1

Today on the Leaders Huddle is part 1 of 2 where Micah sits down with CPT Hannah He to discuss everything that a junior officer needs to know when he/she is considering an application for the Funded Legal Education Program. Hannah dives into some of the intricacies of assignments, application processes, and internships associated with the program. This episode is rich on information and is a great listen for potential FLEP officers or leaders of junior officers that might be considering the FLEP program so he/she can provide recommendations and counseling on a more informed level.
References Mentioned:

  • References will be provided on Part 2 of this episode

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  • Other Resources will be provided on Part 2 of this episode


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Host: MAJ Micah Klein
Guest: CPT Hannah He
Editor and Producer: MAJ Micah Klein