Apply to CJO

Apply to be the CJO Operations Officer

Are you interested in joining the Center for Junior Officers team? We choose a new Operations Officer every three years with duty at the US Military Academy located at West Point, NY.  Our Operations Officer receives a fully funded master’s degree from a top-tier institution in a topic related to leader development, usually a  master’s in Organizational Psychology at Columbia University in New York City.

The CJO operations officer must be a self-starter with a passion for leader development.  Past affiliation with the Center for Junior Officers or West Point is NOT a pre-requisite for selection.  Operations officers can come from any branch or commissioning source but must be a KD-qualified active-duty Captain with the ability to attend graduate school for a year and serve a full three-year tour at West Point.

Our past Operations Officers have been selected to attend ILE in Residence at a higher than average rate and have remained fully competitive within their basic branches.

To apply, contact us at and let us know that you’re interested. You should also open a file at (requires a CAC card).