LC – Butting Heads

An infantry platoon leader is having challenges with his platoon sergeant (PSG). When he first takes charge of the platoon, the PSG is reluctant to cede full authority over the platoon’s actions in contact.

Topics covered:

  • NCO/officer responsibilities

  • Authority of command

  • Decisive communication

  • Situational analysis

What’s the Situation?

  • The LT’s platoon is tasked with a combined patrol. The PSG fails to show for the patrol brief and claims he didn’t know about it.

  • During contact on the patrol, the PSG refuses an order from the PL to set up a support by fire position.

  • As the patrol is clearing a likely IED ambush site, the PSG contradicts the LT’s orders in a manner heard by all members of the patrol, including the LT’s company commander.

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