LC — Friendly Fire

A Platoon Leader is leading his platoon during a company-level live-fire exercise. The rehearsals and day-training iterations go well, however, during the night iteration there’s a cease fire called for a real-world emergency…one of his Soldiers has been shot.

Topics covered:

  • Training Accidents

  • Soldier Discipline

  • Family Relations

  • Accountability for Actions

What’s the Situation?

  • A Platoon Leader is leading his unit through a company-level live-fire exercise. He and his platoon are attached to the battalion heavy weapons company.
  • The rehearsals and day training iterations go well. During the night iteration, the platoon takes an unexpected casualty but push on.
  • Cease fire is called in the midst of the exercise, signifying a real-world emergency. You discover that one of your Soldiers has been shot in the head. the Soldier is evacuated, but dies enroute.

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