LC — Reporting Loyalty

The company XO discovers that the monthly sensitive items inventory has come up short a few months in a row, howevever, his commander signs off on the inventories and sends them up to battalion anyway. The XO needs to decide what to do.

Topics covered:

  • Ensuring honest reporting

  • Conducting Inventories

  • Loyalty to one’s commander

  • Holding more senior personnel accountable

  • Duty

  • Integrity

  • Loyalty

What’s the Situation?

  • The company executive officer is trying to complete the monthly sensitive items inventory. Multiple inventory officers have found numerous items missing.
  • When the XO identifies the problem to his commander, the commander pushes it off.  The XO and the first sergeant advise the commander to take the issue more seriously, the commander refuses to do so.
  • The commander’s signature on a sensitive items inventory indicates that all items are present or accounted for. The XO and the first sergeant urge the commander not to sign the inventory; the commander signs it.
  • The XO must decide whether to let the issue go or not. If he doesn’t let it go, he must decide who to inform.

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