LC — New PL

A brand-new platoon leader feels overwhelmed. She has a SGT that is very charismatic and wields great influence within the platoon; influence that leads to an incident that involves the platoon leader unknowingly.

Topics covered:

  • Unit Culture vs. Personal Values

  • Officer-NCO Relationship

  • Trust and Leadership

  • Being the “New Guy/Gal”

What’s the Situation?

  • A platoon leader is out on her first field exercise; platoon sergeant is off-site getting chow. The Staff Sergeant (E6) squad leader is capable but quiet, The Sergeant (E5) is very charismatic and wields great influence.

  • She has had previous problems with the Sergeant seeking to undermine her authority.

  • The E5 directs a group of Soldiers to begin building a ramp. The platoon leader realizes that the ramp is for jumping the platoon Gator.

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