LC — Pushing Back

A PL’s platoon is carrying out a difficult mortar registration mission which is exacerbated by poor communication and understanding by the company TOC.  Once they arrive back at the TOC, one of the LT’s squad leaders goes off on the CO, in front of the entire TOC.   The CO and 1SG want to remove the squad leader, one of the platoon’s best assets.  What would you do?

Topics covered:

  • Unit and individual discipline

  • Professional Feedback

  • Headquarters vs line unit divide

  • Loyalty up and down the chain of command

What’s the Situation?

  • Your rifle platoon is carrying out a difficult mortar registration on tough terrain. The difficulty is exacerbated by a perception that the company headquarters is not sufficiently aware of actual conditions on the ground.
  • Your senior squad leader, considered to be the best squad leader in the battalion, grows increasingly irritated by the perceived disconnect and asks to accompany his PL to the company TOC for the debrief.
  • In the TOC, the squad leader vents on the company TOC personnel, accusing them of laziness.
  • When the company commander intervenes, the squad leader vents on him in front of the entire TOC, stating that the commander has no relevant experience and no basis for his judgement.
  • The company commander and the first sergeant are considering getting rid of the squad leader and want your input.
  • You feel torn between retaining a technically and tactically proficient leader and enforcing the norms of professional conduct and discipline.

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