Emotional Intelligence


This Watch2Lead uses excerpts from the movie Patton and the HBO series Band of Brothers to juxtapose two military leaders (General George S. Patton and Lieutenant Dick Winters) – as they face strikingly similar situations – each interacts with a subordinate experiencing “battle fatigue” (a.k.a. shell shock, PTSD) during World War II. Patton appears to lack emotional intelligence as he apparently loses control and strikes a soldier he believes is demonstrating cowardice. Winters, on the other hand, takes a much different approach when dealing with a subordinate in a similar situation.


  • A video clip featuring General George S. Patton 
  • A Band of Brothers clip depicting Lieutenant Winters
  • Recommend slide deck
  • This guide, which provides suggested discussion questions and timeline.

Use of the Case:

The “General Patton and Lieutenant Winters: A Contrast in Leadership” case can be used to assist in generating discussion on the following topics

  1. Emotional Intelligence
  2. Authentic Leadership
  3. Character

The case can be used to discuss the elements that comprise emotional intelligence as well as how emotional intelligence may affect a leader’s effectiveness. The case study can also be used to challenge common conceptions of how emotional intelligence may manifest and to discuss the potential dark side of emotional intelligence. Finally, the case can provide a platform to discuss how character and authentic leadership may impact leader effectiveness.

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